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CERG LogoWhat is CERG?
CERG is the Central East Regional Group, a consortium of four districts (Joseph Priestley, Metro New York, Ohio Meadville and St. Lawrence) who have covenanted to pool their resources to provide quality services. Specialized staff are ready and available to congregations across the region to provide training on current best practices and consultation that will enhance the ability of congregations to respond creatively and effectively to today's challenges.

How are the CERG consultants different than the district-based program consultants?
Since the CERG consultants serve such a large geographical area, they provide training mainly at district and cluster events—as well as offering on-line webinars—rather than direct service to individual congregations. (Congregations that are a part of the "Threshold Congregation" program, however, will receive individualized attention from CERG consultants.)

What is the District Executives' relationship to CERG?
The four District Executives work closely with the CERG staff to ensure that adequate programming is available throughout the region. The District Executives also provide training and consultation across the region in their individual areas of expertise.

Our congregation has had some struggles recently. Can we have a CERG consultant come to my congregation to help us?
The local District Executive is still your first contact for individual congregational services. The District Executive may work with you directly, or have you work with an adjunct consultant, or—if your neighboring UU congregations have similar struggles—may schedule a cluster workshop with a CERG consultant.

I've just taken a leadership role in my congregation. How can CERG help me?
The CERG Consultants and the District Executives offer webinars throughout the year on various leadership topics. They also offer training at Leadership Days in the fall and at District Assemblies in the spring. In the summer, more intensive training is available at UULTI (the UU Leadership Training Institute). Bookmark the CERG website and check back often, as we are constantly scheduling new training opportunities.

We love the Breakthrough Congregation videos. How can CERG help us have that kind of growth?
Our CERG Growth Development Consultant offers ideas and information on all aspects of growth from marketing and outreach to welcoming the visitor to retaining members. CERG is also offering a Threshold Congregation program for congregations that are anxious to grow in depth as well as in numbers and ready to move to the next level of activity and effectiveness. Congregations accepted into the program will receive expert assistance over a three year period.

We want to provide meaningful programming for people in all stages of life. Can CERG give us some ideas?
We believe that faith development is a lifelong process. Our CERG Faith Development Consultant offers both practical information about the logistics of running a lifespan faith development program and suggestions about quality content for your congregation's program offerings.

We are trying to turn our nominating committee into a leadership development committee. Are there resources from CERG?
When we surveyed congregational leaders about what they needed most, the overwhelming answer was resources for leadership development! Our CERG Leadership Development Consultant offers training on how to make this transition, provides direction on what kinds of skills today's congregational leaders need for today's challenges, and designs programming to help develop those skills.


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CERG promotes equality and full access for Unitarian Universalists with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

For more information, visit the Equual Access website or the UUA Accessibilities Page

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