A chorus of Unitarian Universalist prophetic voices has been building for several years, challenging us to make the changes that will position us to grow in numbers, in spiritual depth, in commitment and in outreach to a hurting world. In short, to be the religion for our time. All of these voices are urging us to pay attention to the rapidly changing demographics in the United States as well as to the needs of a generation now coming into its own as a political and social force. They call us to attend to the spiritual and religious needs of multicultural America and work to create Unitarian Universalist communities that are multigenerational, inclusive, welcoming and open, seeking justice within themselves and in the wider world.

Elements from the Proposal

Following are a few select, edited paragraphs from the much larger proposal. The full proposal, which includes details of financing, assessment, administration, etc., were presented to the four district boards and district assemblies in the spring of 2010 for approval.

The Story of CERG as of May 2012

The opportunities for our faith are breathtaking. We must prepare to minister to the multicultural America that we are living into or risk disappearing as a part of the religious landscape. Together, we can be the religion for our time.
–Peter Morales, UUA President

As the leadership of the Central East Regional Group (CERG) of the Unitarian Universalist Association changes, as new leaders come on and experienced ones retire, it's important to record the beginnings of regional cooperation and partnership.  Here is the story of the first years of our venture, the start of the sharing of resources and talent among the four districts of the UUA that make up CERG.


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CERG promotes equality and full access for Unitarian Universalists with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

For more information, visit the Equual Access website or the UUA Accessibilities Page

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