Introducing Faithify….

Faithify LogoDebuting at General Assembly this year is a UU specific crowd funding program called Faithify. You can find it at

What is Faithify? It is the crowdfunding for UU projects. Think of it as Kickstarter for UUs. Or Chalice Lighters on steriods.

Have a project that needs funding? You can put it on Faithify and reach UUs across the country to see if they are interested in funding your idea.

Want to help Unitarian Universalism grow? Visit Faithify to find out new ideas and “vote” by liking them and donating towards them. Currently projects on the site range from youth trips, to leadership programs to the CLF Prison Ministry. There is something for everyone on the site. You can view projects by category, or just scroll through them all.

This project debuted at GA on June 25th. In less than one month it has raised $43,418 for 24 projects!

Learn more from their video:

Projects that receive 100% of their requested funding (or more) receive their funds. Projects that don’t receive at least 100% of their funding, aren’t funded at all. This is an all or nothing funding model.

This is a new project, so visit the site, learn more and like and donate to the causes you feel are worthy. And please, spread the word, share with your friends, put it in your newsletter.

Crowdfunding, one more way we are Better Together.

Beth Casebolt
OMD District Administrator
CERG Communications Consultant

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