Resources for Congregational Leaders

CER VerticalIt’s almost time for a new church year and you have new congregational leaders. Where do they find resources and training they need?


Here are a few resources we think can help:

  • The UU Leadership Institute is an online leadership school. Classes are $30 each and run over a full semester of about 16 weeks. Modules are released every 2 weeks and you can complete them at your own pace. Occasional webinars are scheduled for face to face conversations with classmates and the instructor. Topics vary from Healthy Leadership 101, Outreach and New Member programs to Stewardship and focus on Small congregations. The fall semester begins September 2 and registration is now open until October 31. Find the full course list and details at
  • CER YouTube Channel has videos of workshops, keynote speeches and short videos created by our staff. Topics cover the full range of congregational life. Some topics and events are organized in playlists. Find it at
  • The CER website contains several sections that can be of help to those looking for resources and help. The Events and Webinars section can show you what events are current scheduled around the region and give you details for those that are open for registration. The Programs section has detailed information on programs we regularly offer in the region with current offering listed. The Resources section has links to resources for Chalice Lighters, Guest In Your Pulpit, and the Link2Lead Program.
  • The On Demand Learning Center has recordings of past webinars and workshops, resources from workshops and made for online learning classes. This site requires registration but all classes are free to access. Do be aware that this site is in the process of being moved to the CER website over the next 6 months. Learn more at
  • If you are looking for information about your cluster, please visit our Cluster page. Here you can find information about the congregations in your cluster and links to any social media or other sites we have for the cluster. If your cluster’s social media links are missing, please send them to us!
  • And finally, every congregation is assigned a regional staff person who serves as your Primary Contact. This is the person your congregation should contact for assistance on any topic. If they can’t help you, they know who can. Learn more about this program and find out who your Primary Contact is at our Primary Contact page.


As always, if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always contact your Primary Contact or me, Beth Casebolt, CER Communications Consultant at [email protected].


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