And the Survey Says!…

Spring 2016 Central East Region Congregational Life Advisory Council Survey


CER VerticalNow that our staff has transitioned to being UUA employees, you’ve probably heard about the Congregational Life Advisory Council (CLAC). We gather feedback from congregations, professional groups, clusters and other constituencies and share these specifics with our regional staff and Congregational Life at our UUA to shape priorities and programs in our region.


The CLAC has completed our high level spring survey here in our Central East Region. We are grateful to the 149 folks, who participated in our spring survey. Thanks much for your help. Now we will like to share some findings from this survey.


You’ve let us know that our Central East Region congregations are getting real, concrete help from staff. 64.6% of participants reported that participation in district/regional events, programs, and/or coaching somewhat to very extensively shapes the way their congregations approach important issues. Congregational stewardship, leadership development, and social media communications were the most valued programs offered by regional staff. In addition, over half of survey participants, who are active in their clusters, found this work to be valuable to very valuable. It is perhaps no surprise that youth programming was consistently well-liked.


We’ve also heard you express hunger for stewardship information and creating income streams outside of pledging to take church into the 21st century. Another need identified by participants was a clearer, more transparent expression of services available and events scheduled within our region.


We will share your full feedback with our Central East staff, so they may move forward with a good context of your experiences to shape priorities for the coming season. Again, thanks to everyone who participated in our high level spring survey here in our Central East Region.


The CLAC will meet soon to plan for our fall engagement of in-depth conversations with selected representatives of our region around specific topics. Please be willing to spend an hour or so with one of us, if you receive an invitation to participate.


Now that your CLAC has completed and reported out on our first year of activities, we hope you are as excited as we are about our new direction and potential. Unifying our staff has allowed our congregations access to stronger services and has allowed our staff to have a fairer and more empowering experience.


You can reach your CLAC by visiting our web page on the CER section of the UUA website. We welcome your feedback and participation.


The Central East Region Congregational Life Advisory Council.

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4 thoughts on “And the Survey Says!…

  1. I am curious about what this means, specifically:

    “high level spring survey”

    What does “high-level” mean? How were participants selected? I was hoping from the subject line of this e-mail to see actual survey results—where are those available? I hope that I don’t need a FoIA request!
    (BTW, the e-mail notice comes from “donotreply” at wordpress; there was no indication from e-mail address or subject line what blog was the soruce of the e-mail, let alone the subject of the survey. I wonder how many people will not even bother to open it?)

    1. Sally

      The spring survey was sent out to certain congregational leaders and ministers in the region via email. Selection was based on who held specific leadership positions in the congregation.


      1. That is what I was afraid of—the usual suspects. In our society, those of us—well, me—who are interested but not in a formal leadership position have to do our—well, my—own research; absolutely no communication from leadership about goings on outside our own property. Well, I have to walk that back a bit—there is an effort to get folks to the November program at Shelter Rock, and the occaisional mention of Legislative Ministry events at board meetings. How do the rest of us get heard?

  2. And now that the survey is done, what DOES it say? (Sorry for double posting, got distracted from the main point by my individual/specific concerns about in-society communications.)

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