Has Your Congregation Certified Yet?

It’s certification time for the UUA and your congregation needs to act before February 1 at 8 pm ET.

Every year the UUA asks each congregation to give us some basic information and statistics. Some of this is information we ask you to check and update that is reflected in our directory online – your address, website, contact information – so folks can find you. We also ask about statistical information such as members, re enrollment, average attendance numbers and so forth. We ask that you vote in the congregational poll which is part of our social justice process. And very importantly, we ask about your congregation’s budget and expenses. This is particularly important since this is the information we now use to calculate congregational fair share amounts.

The president, minister and administrator of the congregation (or at least the person who is on record as being in that role with the UUA) should have received an email with a direct link to your congregation’s account (no login required!) back in December. If you did not get that email please go to the UUA Portal (https://secure.uua.org/congregation/)and login using your congregation’s id number and password or contact Data Services at the UUA for assistance. If you did get that email please find it and make sure you complete the information and submit it by the deadline. A worksheet of all the data being asked for is available after you login so you can download it, gather the data and then go back to enter it all.

Not sure if your congregation has completed this process yet? You can check the certified and not certified lists on the UUA website:

Confused? Have questions? Not sure what is your next step? Reach out and we’ll do our best to get you connected with the folks at the UUA who can help. Start with your primary contact, or reach out to our Operations Manager, Beth Casebolt at [email protected].

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