The Results are In – OMD & SLD

CER LogoThe St. Lawrence and Ohio-Meadville Districts are pleased to announce their delegates have voted to dissolve their districts in favor of our Central East Region.  Each district will legally dissolve at their own pace based on the laws where each is incorporated. It is anticipated both will be dissolved in the next few months. The Joseph Priestley District is scheduled to have its regionalization vote on April 9 and Metro New York District on May 7. These votes are the culmination of several years of work on this evolution of our governing and operational structures. The goals of this restructuring are to improve services to congregations and enhance congregational interdependence.

Jeff Donahue, President, Saint Lawrence District
Rev. Matt Alspaugh, President, Ohio-Meadville District

2 thoughts on “The Results are In – OMD & SLD

  1. Yay! I remember going to an initial meeting years ago when this process was just getting started, and it’s good to see it resolving along. I know lots of people were involved, and I’m thankful for all their time and effort. As a former OMD Board member, I also want to especially thank the Presidents of the two districts for handling so many necessary details. Now I’m curious to see how it will all work out!

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