Ten Reasons Why I Plan to Attend General Assembly This Year…

… And Why You Should As Well

Paul Pinsonby Paul Pinson
Joseph Priestley Board member


I’m going to General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio this year. If you’re undecided about going, here are ten reasons I have for going that you may wish to consider.


  1. UUA GA 2016 LogoThis year’s General Assembly is in our region. It’s less than a day’s drive, so we’re planning to carpool with friends. No airport security checks, cramped airplane seats, layovers, etc. – and cheaper.
  2. I’ve made so many friends working on cluster, district, and regional efforts, I’m looking forward to being with them all in person rather than on videoconferences.
  3. A minister I’ve worked with closely is receiving final fellowship this year, and I want to cheer when she is recognized in the Service of the Living Tradition. We’ve also lost a long-time minister who passed away this year. He’ll be recognized as well.
  4. As one who has difficulty carrying a tune, I can only really sing out loud when surrounded by several thousand other UU’s. Feels good.
  5. Incredible worship services – wonderful music, terrific speakers, thoughtful messages.
  6. Plenary sessions are amazing examples of how to run meetings effectively, despite the challenges of size and issues. Our moderators are and have been impressive to watch.
  7. Ware Lecture – always incredible – this year Krista Tippett.
  8. There are always more workshops I’d like to attend than time in my schedule. Have to pace myself, but really get a lot out of the ones I can attend.
  9. We’re likely to get our first real insights into the candidates running for President of the UUA, and in a forum much more rational and issues-based than other campaigns I can think of.
  10. I always come back from General Assembly energized in more ways than I can count (even though exhausted in some other ways).


You may have even better reasons for attending … Go ahead and comment!


Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Plan to Attend General Assembly This Year…

  1. 1. See how the UUA has spent our money last year, and what they plan to do next year.
    2. Learn how the endowment fund’s divestment from fossil fuels is going.
    3. Advocate for one or more CS/AIs.
    4. By voting on Actions of Immediate Witness, let the board of directors, as well as member CFSs,* know what recently-arising issues are important to the delegates gathered in Columbus as they plan their work for the next year. (Last year’s AIW in support of Black Lives Matter was instrumental in my society’s strengthening our antiracism work, including hanging a supportive banner.)
    5. what Paul wrote.
    I do regret that I cannot bilocate; the past few years I have been streaming GA at our building, hoping that folks would come and watch with me and give me input into my votes. Although there were only a few ever, I would like to build that; not sure if anyone will do that this year with me in Ohio. Oh well.

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