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All four districts have now voted to dissolve and regionalization is now fast becoming a reality. Because the purpose of this blog was to inform our members about the regionalization process, we are retiring it and it will now become an archive.


For those of you who are now asking but wait, how do I know who to call? Where do I go to get help? We have an answer. We ask that you start with your primary contact. What is a primary contact you may ask? This is a CER Staff person with whom you can build a close, working relationship, who will have an intimate knowledge of your congregation’s blessings and challenges, and can be proactive in helping you to share those blessings and meet those challenges. Your Primary Contact can help you to navigate all the support and opportunities available to your congregation.


You can find your primary contact by selecting your congregation in this form.


This map shows you the congregations in our region and their assigned primary contact. As congregations shift clusters your primary contact may change over the summer, but we will let you know when this happens.


3 thoughts on “Find Your Primary Contact

  1. So does this mean there is no blog, or that there is another one somewhere else? Communicating with a single primary contact, while effective for getting help on an individual issue, does nothing toward having an open discussion.
    Sadly, my concerns have not been at all assuaged by this; just the opposite—more opaque noncommunication. (If there is another site somewhere, I retract that, but from this post that does not seem to be the case.)

    1. Sally

      There are a couple of options for you to stay connected.

      The Better Together blog is written by our staff and highlights new programs as well as projects and programs clusters and networks of congregations are working on. You can find it at

      Part of the CER website is the news section where we post news articles, a copy of our monthly newsletter and other important information. It also is a “blog” of sorts and can be subscribed to. Find it at

      Finally, to keep up to date with all the latest information we recommend you subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You can do that on our News page of the website –

      The focus of this particular blog was the regionalization process and since that has been completed, this blog will become an archive.

      Beth Casebolt

      1. Thanks; I think I am subscribed to the newsletter. I guess one can subscribe to all 3; blog, news section, and newsletter?

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