Goldmine youthGoldmine is an intense leadership school for youth focusing on self-reflection and leadership skills. Youth learn concrete leadership skills, learn to lead a worship in a wide variety of youth worship styles, and work to articulate the faith based grounding for their values and leadership. The day includes youth led worship, silent self-reflection time, and small group reflection time in addition to time for hanging out and playing together! The school is taught by pairs of youth and adult co-trainers. Youth co-trainers are former Goldmine students.

This school is for youth graduating from 9-12th grades ages 14-18. Youth outside that range who wish to attend Goldmine should contact the Adult Dean Evin Ziemer.

Dates and locations for summer 2016: July 10-16 in Northeast Ohio, July 10-16 in northern Virginia, August 13-20 in NJ

Details on the program and registration links can be found on the CER website.