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  • **NEW**

    Membership Myopia

    Bill Clontz“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Henry David Thoreau

    The most common symptom of this dreaded “disease” is focusing on only one aspect of the membership experience, i.e., visitors and newcomers. But there is a whole lifecycle of the membership experience that calls for creative and effective engagement by the membership committee. Those involved in membership must also avoid “limited peripheral vision”, an inability to work well with others including those in worship and stewardship. We’ll examine the various components of the membership portfolio and talk about how membership and the other “ships” can sail together for mutual effectiveness.

    Bill Clontz is a Stewardship Consultant with the UUA Congregational Stewardship Network. He brings to his work over 40 years in leadership development and coaching, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning. Bill lives in Alexandria, VA and believes that our congregations are best served by leaders who are comfortable talking about money and church in the same breath; this is where we live our values, and we need not be shy in talking about how we resource and support them.

    Sponsored by CERG and UUAMP

    Self enrollment: Membership 107 - Membership Myopia
  • *NEW*

    Ministerial Transitions for Ministers and Congregations

    UUA LogoThe change of ministers in and out of a congregation is a time where lots of things are in motion, with lots of questions being asked, and lots of uncertainty in the air. As a minister, deciding when it’s right to leave and how best to do that; as a congregation, sorting out what are the next steps, and how do we say goodbye and move forward. It’s a time when everything can appear up for grabs, and most congregations and ministers are looking for support and answers. The following 30 videos address specific aspects of a ministerial transition.

    These videos were created by: Keith Kron, Transitions Director for the UUA; Kenn Hurto, Regional Lead, Southern Region; Lisa Presley, Transitions Coordinator, MidAmerica Region; and Joan Van Becelaere, Regional Lead, Central East Regional Group.

    Self enrollment: Ministry 150: Transitions
  • *NEW*

    Theme Based Church

    Scott TaylerThis workshop was presented at Cedar Lane Church in September 2014 and focuses on what is Theme Based Church, how it is different from Theme Based Worship and how you can move your congregation to Theme Based Church as well.

    Presenter, Rev. Scott Tayler, Director of Congregational Life of the UUA, former co-minister at First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY and minister of UU Church of Canandaigua.

    Self enrollment: Programming 110: Theme Based Church
  • Archive of Resources and Recordings from District Workshops and Conferences

    Are you looking for copies of presentation slides or handouts from a district or regional training, conference or workshop?  This is the place!  


    Self enrollment: Workshop Resources Archive
  • Mission In Action

    Rev. Joan Van BecelaereHow do congregations not only create a mission but also learn to live it afterwards? This video series shares the experiences of the First Unitarian Church  of Pittsburgh in creating their new mission and living it since then.

    Presented by Nick Izzo, President, First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh and Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, OMD District Executive.

    Self enrollment: Mission 105: Mission In Action
  • On Being The Non-Anxious Leader

    Mark BernsteinThe challenges that Membership Professionals face require that one react both with their head and with their heart.  Emotional Intelligence is where the head and heart intersect and is an important tool in understanding your own emotions and the emotions of others, in being flexible to changing needs and situations, in calmly and thoughtfully responding to difficult members of the congregation, and in keeping an optimistic and positive outlook in all situations.  Studies show that emotional intelligence is twice as important in contributing to excellence in leadership as pure intellect and expertise.   This class will provide an introduction to emotional intelligence and the five skills required to be at your best as a leader in your congregation.  You'll also have a chance to assess your own level of emotional intelligence.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Emotional Intelligence 101: The Non Anxious Leader
  • Happiness as a Spiritual Practice

    Mark BernsteinAre we having fun yet? Surprisingly, many UU congregations aren't. The stress of church work, interpersonal conflict, and lack of resources, to name a few, result in congregational members worrying more and enjoying less. Based on the Shawn Achor book, The Happiness Advantage, this session will offer ideas on how congregations can turn sorrow into success and hardship into happiness.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Spiritual Practice 102: Happiness
  • Building and Sustaining an Adult RE Program

    Patricia InfanteTopics we will touch on include: a short introduction to faith development, models for adult faith development, 10 building blocks, and creating a plan.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Faith Development 205: Adult RE Programs
  • Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice 

    Tools for spiritual deepening for leaders based on the book Serving with Grace by Erik Walker Wikstrom.  

    Includes a workshop by Laura Conkle, chair of the Leadership Development Team at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, PA.

    Self enrollment: Spiritual Practices 101
  • Congregational Polity for the Indifferent Lay LeaderRenee Ruchotzke

    An engaging and playful overview of congregational polity, including history, theological foundations and modern practices.

    Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Congregational Polity 101
  • Theology for a Secular Age

    UU University LogoTheology is the process of talking about faith in a thoughtful and organized way—how faith arises, what sustains it, why it falters, and where it can make a difference in our lives and world.

    Today, theology stands at a crossroad. For centuries, theology has described how divine revelation accounts for our experience and dictates our actions. What happens to religion when reason, rather than revelation, becomes our most reliable source of knowledge? In a secular age, people who believe in science can be genuinely religious—if theology itself is transformed.

    Presenter: Rev. Dr. Galen Guengerich, Senior Minister, All Souls in New York, NY

    Self enrollment: Theology 105: Theology for a Secular Age
  • Commissioned Lay Leader Program Resources

    CLL GraphicThis course provides training resources for candidates who have been accepted into the Commissioned Lay Leader Program in:

    • The Ohio Meadville District
    Self enrollment: Commissioned Lay Leader Resources
  • Rethinking the Committee:
    "Doing church" in the 21st Century with TeamsRenee Ruchotzke
    Committees have earned the reputation of requiring a big time commitment without satisfying results to show for it. Instead, we suggest mission-based task forces or teams that enable your members to serve in ways that offer meaning and purpose.

    Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Committees 102: Ministry Teams
  • Building Our Own Leaders

    Bill ClontzRecruiting and retaining capable board members and committee chairs is a pervasive problem for many congregations. The Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church has a locally designed seminar that helps members prepare for leadership.

    This webinar was originally presented as a workshop at the Joseph Priestley District Assembly, April 14, 2012.

    Presenter: Bill Clontz and Ron Brandt from the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church.

    Self enrollment: Committees 201: Leadership Recruitment
  • Passing the Torch: Creating a Leadership Development Team

    This course will provide tools to help you develop a three year plan to help guide your congregation:

    Renee Ruchotzke

    >Understand how congregational leadership differs from leadership in corporations or non-religious non-profits
    >Discern good leadership from good management (we need both)
    >Imagine paths to leadership in your congregation as part of a larger plan of faith formation
    >Encourage a culture that nurtures new leaders that include youth, young adults and people of color
    >Develop a community of learning and reflection that appreciates new ideas and is patient with the small failures that come with innovation
    >Advance your seasoned leaders into new roles where they nurture new leaders

    *This course used to be offered as a "hybrid" webinar with live roundtable discussion sessions.  People who register for this course will receive invitations to future roundtables.


    Self enrollment: Committees 203: Leadership Development
  • Planning Teacher Training and Orientation

    Patricia InfanteEvery RE program should provide annual training and guidance for their volunteer staff before heading back to the classroom in the fall. We'll look at sample agendas, suggested content, and ways to make important event fun and engaging day for all.

    Led by Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Faith Development 110: Teacher Development
  • Pleased to Meet You - Training Greeters

    Mark BernsteinGreeting visitors and members at the doors of our congregations is more than saying hello and collecting information. This session will explore the art of greeting and will offer a blueprint for setting up your own greeter training program and monitoring its effectiveness.

    Presenter: Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Membership 104: Training Greeters
  • Patricia InfanteShared Leadership in Religious Education

    Creating a vital religious education program is most successful when a healthy balance exists between staff and lay leaders. This on demand class will offer guidance and resources on building healthy relationships, communication, shared leadership and shared responsibility, and working in covenant.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: RE Committees 102: Shared Leadership in RE
  • RE Volunteer Recruitment, Enrichment and Nurturing

    Patricia InfanteIn the changing context of our modern society, volunteers have plenty of demands on their time and energy and many don't want to say "yes" unless they know they can do a good job. Finding the right volunteer for the job and providing ongoing training so that they feel competent and confident is an important piece of the recruitment puzzle. We'll look at some strategies and tips for recruiting and equipping a 21st century volunteer.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: RE Committees 103: RE Volunteers
  • Leading Change in Our Congregations

    UU University LogoThe 2007 UU University in Portland, OR keynote presenter was Gil Rendle. The topic of the day was congregations and change. This class is created from the video of that day's presentations and resources.

    Presenter: Gil Rendle, Alban Institute Consultant.

    Self enrollment: Change 105: Leading Change
  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

    Develop leadership skills to learn how to face our toughest challenges:
     the ones we don't have ready answers for. The "Adaptive Leadership" framework pioneered by Harvard's Dr. Ronald Heifetz is more than a toolbox of tips. It will change the way you think about the internal and external components of leadership and equip you to lead through any change—welcome or unwelcome.

    This presentation is from the leadership track at the 2012 Ohio Meadville District Summer Institute with presenter Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG
    Leadership Development Consultant. 

    Self enrollment: Change 201 - Intro to Adaptive Leadership
  • Meeting Resistance: What Causes Conflict in Our Congregations and How to Deal With It

    Mark BernsteinSavvy leaders know that conflict in a healthy congregation is to be welcomed and cultivated; that out of conflict comes creativity and new ideas and energy. The key is how the leader meets and responds to the resistance that is causing the conflict. In this session, we'll talk about getting trust vs. getting agreement, creating a culture that minimizes conflict, and specific steps for resolving situations causing conflict.

    Presenter: Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Conflict 101: Meeting Resistance
  • Compassion First! Finding the Jackals Without and Within

    LoraKim JoynerDo you find yourself discouraged by all the complaining in your congregation, including your own criticisms? Do certain individuals and issues keep howling louder and louder for attention, drowning out hope for the healthy congregations and relationships? Come join each other as we see how we can use the First Principle to guide us into developing and embodying a consciousness of compassion. In this introductory session to Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication) we begin with how to connect to our own needs and judgments so that we can embody more greatly compassion for ourselves and others.

    Presenter: The Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner serves as the Right Relations Consultant for the Metro New York District, providing training, consultation, and assessment for congregations who wish to embrace healthy communications and proactively deal with conflict.

    Self enrollment: Conflict 201: Nonviolent Communication
  • Compassionate Congregational Meetings: Touching Hearts and Lives Compassionately

    LoraKim JoynerHumans would rather connect with one another than experience separation and disconnection. We desire a meeting of hearts and often instead end up butting heads. Focusing on the tools of Compassionate Communication, this webinar will discuss how we can promote and deepen our faith and relationships during annual congregational meetings, board, committee and task force meetings, and staff meetings. During our time together we will receive and practice strategies for leading "mini trainings" during meetings and becoming role models and the change we wish in the world.

    Presenter: LoraKim Joyner, Metro NY Right Relations Consultant

    Self enrollment: Conflict 205: Congregational Meetings
  • Creating Meetings That Matter

    In many congregations, meetings are considered a necessary evil.  It doesn't have to be that way.  This webinar will offer spiritual and practical ideas for running efficient, effective and faith-based meetings.

    Presenter: Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Committees 101: Meetings
  • From a Distance: Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

    CERG Logo

    Does your group struggle with participation because of distance or other issues that interfere with being able to get together? Meeting virtually may be a took for you. This course will share information about how virtual meetings can be a useful tool for your congregational, cluster, district or regional committee or group. We will explore best practices for using the technology, learn about what technologies are out there, find resources for learning to use the technology and more.

    Presented by Rev. Renee Ruchotkze, CERG Leadership Development Consultant and Beth Casebolt, CERG Communications Consultant

    Self enrollment: Committees 105: Virtual Meetings
  • Developing a Healthy Religious Education Committee 

    Patricia InfanteA strong partnership between the professional and lay leaders is an important aspect of a healthy and successful RE program We'll hear some success stories along with practical ideas for building a motivated team.

    Led by Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant with guest presenters.

    Self enrollment: Committees 204: Religous Ed
  • Planning for Congregational Growth During a Ministerial Sabbatical

    UUCDC LogoMinisters craft their sabbaticals to foster spiritual growth such that they return refreshed and renewed. Congregations have the responsibility to continue their spiritual growth, even when the minister isn't watching. During a ministerial sabbatical, a congregation can (1) slip into a pseudo-vacation mode, (2) hold steady during the minister's absence, or (3) take ownership of their own congregation, grow spiritually as they learn to minister to each other, and welcome a renewed, refreshed minister back to a stronger, more vital congregation. Which option do you prefer?

    Presenter: Marylin Huff and the Sabbatical Team at the UU Church of Delaware County, Media, PA

    Self enrollment: Ministry 201: Ministerial Sabbatical
  • When In Doubt, Retreat: Fun and Effective Team Building Activities for Your Board, Committees, and Congregation

    Mark BernsteinSynergy is what happens when a group of people accomplish something that one or two or a few alone could not. Where there is teamwork, there is synergy. This session will describe several team building activities for fostering teamwork and lifting morale. Activities for both small and large groups will be included

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Team-Building 101: Activities
  • Committees on Ministry: An OverviewRenee Ruchotzke

    What is a Committee on Ministry?  How is it different from a Ministerial Relations Committee?  What is its role in the congregation? This webinar will provide some general descriptions and best practices.

    Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Committees 202: CoM
  • Basic Safety Policies & Tips
    Beth CaseboltThis course reviews the many areas of safety that a congregation needs to consider when creating a comprehensive safety policy. You can do all of the webinar, or you can choose the topics that are most relevant for your congregation now.

    Presenter: Beth Casebolt, CERG Communitcations Consultant and OMD District Administrator

    Self enrollment: Safety Policies 101- Basic Safety
  • To Dwell Together in Peace: 

    Covenants and Right Relations Policies

    How do we foster cohesive faith communities that honor our diversity of culture and beliefs? By our promises to one another. Learn how to create a congregational covenant and keep it a living document.


    Frances Sink, Ph.D., M.Div. 
    Right Relations Consultant
    Metro New York District

    Rev. Renee Ruchotzke
    CERG Leadership Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Safety Policies 102 - Covenant
  • Drawing the Line: 
    Disruptive Behavior Policies and Procedures Renee Ruchotzke
    Sometimes the idea of "freedom of belief" is misinterpreted to mean "freedom from accountability." Learn how to design and implement policies and practices to address disruptive and other behaviors that hurt our congregations.

    Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Safety Policies 106 - Disruptive Behavior
  • Finding Our Common Wealth: Stewardship As Transformational Ministry

    UU University LogoWe believe that stewardship can be a transformative ministry to people's daily lives and that stewardship education is a ministry to the whole person. Churches that minister to the entirety of people's financial lives experience an authentic generosity among their members. These churches assist people in navigating a materialist culture and are then able to leave behind cajoling and coaxing people into giving.

    Deans: Rev. Cecilia Kingman, Interim Minister, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church, WA and Rev. Jeanne Pupke, Minister, First UU Church in Richmond, VA Keynote: Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies

    Self enrollment: Stewardship 105: Stewardship as Transformational Ministry
  • Welcome Economic Diversity AND Fund Your Budget!

    Mark EwertWe cannot build multicultural communities that grow beyond oppression and racism, without being welcoming to people who are diverse economically.  Are we ready to build beloved community across economic lines?  How safe is it in our congregations to be “out” as financially advantaged or “out” as resource challenged?  How can we create communications, systems, and processes are welcoming for economically diverse people, yet ensure the financial sustainability and vibrancy of our congregations?  Let’s start with a vision and work together to surface the skills and strategies (and love!) we need to make the vision happen

    Presenter: Mark Ewert, All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington DC and UUA Consultant

    Self enrollment: Stewardship 106: Econ Diversity
  • Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is: New Ideas in Stewardship

    This class was created from several Stewardship workshops. We recommend that you read Not Your Parent's Offering Plate,  view the video recording of a panel discussion of UU's who are also fundraisers for other non-profit agencies, then use the Study Guide with your stewardship team. There are also notes about how to make the "ask" from a discussion session from the original event. Additional videos of presentations and their resources are also included.

    Self enrollment: Stewardship 110: New Ideas
  • Stewardship: The Next Generation

    Rev. Renee RuchtozkeRev. Chris NeilsonBridging the gaps from generation to generation in our Stewardship appeals is a challenge we all face.  From the churched to unchurched generations, the Silent Generation to Millenials, from grand historical master crafted buildings to online churches, and what to do with those "free range UU's," we face differences we've never had to face.  Can we put on our "Future thinking caps" to re-imagine a new path to a vibrant, mission oriented faith?  And how do we fund that?  This workshop will Feature insight to understanding the assumptions and world views of various generations, discover online church and pledging, and hearing the stories of people across the ages as we work together to realize our shared values. Do you dare to boldly go where no one has gone before?

    From the OMD Stewardship Day, March 8, 2014.

    Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchtozke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant; Rev. Chris Neilson, CERG Stewardship Consultant; Lay Panel Members

    Self enrollment: Stewardship 115: The Next Generation
  • Lighting the Leadership Chalice - Part 1

    Overview of Goverance UU UniversityGrounded in Mission and Vision

    June 2009, Salt Lake City, UT

    An Introduction to the fundamentals of governance: How can you best liberate your congregation's creative energy to transform souls and bless the world?


    • Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs, Co-Minister, Unity Church in St. Paul, MN
    • Laura Park, Principal, Unity Consulting 
    Self enrollment: Governance 105 - Mission-Based Governance
  • Lighting the Leadership Chalice - Part 2

    Policy-Based Goverance UU University

    June 2009, Salt Lake City, UT

    An Introduction to the the concepts of policy-based governance as practiced at Unity Church in St. Paul, MN with tips and tools for implementation in your own congregation


    • Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs, Co-Minister, Unity Church in St. Paul, MN
    • Laura Park, Principal, Unity Consulting 
    Self enrollment: Governance 205 - Policy-Based Governance
  • Creating a Presence for Your Congregation Online
    Beth CaseboltWebsites are our new congregational front door. 90-95% of our visitors have learned about our congregations from their websites before they ever walk through our front door. This webinar focuses on the creation, design, re-design of a congregational website. We will look at policies and procedures, content, management and design.

    Presenter: Beth Casebolt, CERG Communitcations Consultant and OMD District Administrator

    Self enrollment: Communications 102: Websites 101
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Our Congregations
    Beth CaseboltSocial Media is the new frontier in communications.  How do we use facebook, blogs, twitter, and youtube to enhance communications among our current congregational members, reach out to potential members and let other know that we're just here? This webinar will walk through the basic understandings of social media and how congregations can start to use this new technology for a variety of uses.

    Presenter: Beth Casebolt, CERG Communitcations Consultant and OMD District Administrator

    Self enrollment: Communications 103: Social Media 101
  • Channeling Success: How Communication Practices and Process Can Move Your Congregation Forward

    Mark Bernstein
    The opportunity is great in our congregations for rumors, miscommunication, gossip and, of course, conflict. This session will examine the barriers to open communication processes and will explore ways in which lay and ministerial leaders can open up channels of communication and create transparent systems where information is shared and all are heard.

    Presenter: Mark Bernstein, Growth Development Consultant for CERG

    Self enrollment: Growth 102: Channeling Success
  • Introduction to Generational Theory

    Unitarian Universalism is uniquely poised to address the changing needs of a  world, but we need leaders who understand that each generation has it's own character. The large population of Baby Boomers are heading toward retirement, but there are still many leaders from the Silent Generation.  Generation X is hitting mid-life, and the new Millenniel Generations has a high percentage of the religiously unaffiliated. This course gives an overview of the different generations so that today's leaders can respond to these changes while honoring the gifts and passions of each generation.

    Self enrollment: Generations 101 - Introduction to Generational Theory
  • Ministry to Families: UU Parenting 101

    Patricia InfanteTopics we will touch on include: the spiritual needs of children, creating rituals at home, how Unitarian Universalism fits into identity development, and how parents can prepare themselves for the role as primary religious educator.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Multigeneration 101: UU Parenting 101
  • Ministry with Families: Supporting Families in Good Times and Bad

    Patricia InfanteWhen a family faces a challenge, their congregation may be one of the first places they turn for support, consolation or affirmation. We'll talk about how to talk about difficult situations, ways to offer compassionate care, professional boundaries for pastoral support, and suggestions for involving lay leaders in a ministry of caring.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Lifespan Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Multigeneration 102: Supporting Families
  • A Family Under One Sky: Ministry Across the Generations

    UU University LogoOur congregations are meant to be places where we find spiritual nourishment and challenge to live lives of meaning and purpose in the world. The multigenerational church is a vehicle through which we learn to practice our values. Intentional multigenerational ministry involves learning to meet the 'other' with curiosity and good will; embracing the richness and texture that diversity brings to a community; and questioning dominant assumptions about generalized groups of people and coming to know one another as we wish to be known. Witnessing the ways that the sacred speaks through each of us uniquely and listening for the sacred voice in one another's experiences makes our whole community more in touch with the call of the divine.

    Presenters: Rev. Parisa Parsa, Minister, First Parish Church in Milton, MA  and Robin Barraza, Director of Religious Education, First Parish Church in Milton, MA

    Self enrollment: Multigeneration 105: Ministry Across the Generations
  • Patricia InfanteKeep It FUUn! Program Ideas for the Summer Months

    Year round programming helps keep families connected to your faith community and one another. Summer religious education offers opportunities to experiment with new curriculum, make new friends, or try out a totally different RE idea.  This on demand class will help you to gather ideas and tips for keeping the program going over the summer months in fun and exciting ways!

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Multigeneration 205: Summer RE Programming
  • Multigeneration 206: Meaningful Multigenerational Worship

    Patricia Infante

    When done well, multigenerational worship offers a great opportunity to see and experience our faith through a variety of perspectives and learning styles. We'll share stories from several congregations who are doing innovative and exciting work in this area and offer tips to aid any size congregation in creating engaging and meaningful worship.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Multigeneration 206: Multigenerational Worship
  • Soul Work: Creating Welcoming Multicultural UU Communities

    UU University LogoOur second principle invites us to covenant to affirm and promote: justice, equity and compassion in human relations. Fulfilling this affirmation, this promise, requires that we attend carefully to systems of injustice in our midst and the hurts those systems cause. It requires that we be prophets, daring to work in this life for a Now that gets us closer to fulfilling the promise of our sixth principle: the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all. Dismantling systems of privilege and oppression within our community faith allows us to co-create the Beloved Community of Love and Justice that we aspire to.

    Dean:  Rev. Alicia Forde, Program Coordinator for Multiracial Congregations, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

    Self enrollment: Multiculturalism 105: Creating Welcoming Multicultural Communities
  • Multicultural Ministry with Children

    Patricia InfanteWhile our denomination continues to strive for greater racial and cultural diversity in the adult population, authentic multicultural community is already in full flower in many of our RE classrooms. This webinar will offer food for thought for religious professionals wondering how to affirm the worth and dignity of families and individuals from marginalized groups as well as tips for assessing curriculum and other classroom resources for their multicultural sensibility.

    Presented by Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Multiculturalism 110: Multicultural Ministry with Children
  • Ministry in the Borderlands

    UU University LogoMinistry in the Borderlands, theme of this year's UU University, invites congregational leaders to consider the challenges and rewards of faithful engagement across the borders of religious identity— both within our congregations and in our larger communities. Our keynote speaker, the Rev. Nick Carter, president of Andover Newton Theological School, is passionate about the possibilities and realistic about the challenges.

    Presenter: Rev. Nick Carter, President of Andover Newton Theological School.

    Self enrollment: Multiculturalism 250: Borderlands
  • The Emotional Dynamics of Leadership

    UU University LogoThe 2006 UU University in St. Louis, MO covered "The Emotional Dynamics of Leadership". This class is developed from the videos and resources of that presentation

    Presenters for this workshop included Peter Steinke, Alban Institute; Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley and Harlan Limpert, UUA staff.

    Self enrollment: Systems Theory 105: Emotional Dynamics
  • The Difficulty of Being Just: Including Those with Disabilities in Congregational Life

    Mark BernsteinBeing in right relationship with people who have disabilities is more than etiquette. It requires that we treat others fairly; that we ensure that everyone has the same opportunities, resources, and rewards. This workshop will examine attitudes and practices toward people with disabilities and will offer strategies for greater acceptance and inclusion.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Accessibility 105: Including Those with Disabilities
  • Introduction to Faith Formation 2020
    Patricia InfanteThe Next 20 years: Introduction to Faith Formation 2020. For the past several years, many religious professionals have been engaged in a conversation about the future of faith formation.  The changing demographics and changing societal attitudes about religion will almost certainly require us to changes how we envision religious education in the congregation.  Join this webinar to hear the latest ideas being generated by this compelling look at our changing landscape.

    Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Faith Development 105: Faith Formation 2020
  • Managing Learning Differences in an RE Program

    Patricia InfanteIn every RE program there is a diversity of learning styles and learning differences. We'll look at some basic strategies and take a short tour of other resources you can call upon for a variety of classroom challenges.

    Presented by Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant

    Self enrollment: Faith Development 210: Managing Learning Differences
  • How Do I Grow Thee? Five Ways of Growthcerg logo

    Growth in our congregations happens in many ways.  This video lesson describes the five ways that contribute to a vital, healthy and prosperous congregation.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Growth 101: Five Ways of Growth
  • Living in a Spiritual But Not Religious World
    Rev. Joan Van BecelaereSeveral recent surveys claim that those claiming to be Spiritual-But-Not-Religious (SBNR) is the fastest growing religious group in the United States.  In October 2012 the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life published a study showing a very rapid rise in the number of Americans who claim no religious affiliation (nones), which is at an all all-time high.   Even the Pew researchers were surprised by the study.  Who are these SBNRs and “nones?”   What do they believe?  What are they looking for in spiritual community?   What does this development mean for Unitarian Universalism and the future of UU outreach?

    Presenter: Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, OMD District Executive

    Self enrollment: Growth 110: Living in a Spiritual But Not Religious World
  • The Price of Renewal: Why Dying and Rebirth are Essential Components of Growth

    Mark BernsteinCongregations that aspire to be vital, strong and growing follow a constant cycle of birth, aging, death, renewal and rebirth. This session will look at several theories around the life cycles of congregations and will suggest the critical components of congregational life that must be constantly assessed and renewed.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Growth 201: The Price of Renewal
  • Introducing a Multi-Site Church Model  Christine Robinson

    Are you interested in spreading the good news of Unitarian Universalism?  Are there communities near you that aren't large enough to support a congregation but still want a liberal religious presence? The Rev. Christine Robinson shares how the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque uses modern technology to serve 3 other New Mexico communities.

    Self enrollment: Growth 202: Multi-Site
  • Powerful Pathways to Membership cerg logo

    Help your congregation focus your membership path from when people walk through the door for the first time to their fully engaged involvement.  Learn from the experiences of vibrant, growing congregations!

    Self enrollment: Membership 102: Pathways
  • Seeing Through New Eyes: Creating an Anonymous Visitors Program

    Mark BernsteinMarcel Proust wrote, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." In order for congregations to truly see how friendly and hospitable they are, it is helpful to learn from others. This session will provide the nuts and bolts for setting up your own Anonymous Visitors Program.

    Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant

    Self enrollment: Membership 103: Anonymous Visitors
  • Grow Your Congregation with Hospitality Teams

    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County (UUFCC), PA has created a holistic Sunday morning hosptiality program that ensures that guest have a wonderful, welcoming experience. Learn how UUFCC Hospitality Teams are a great way for visitors to meet people and learn about their Fellowship. 

    Their teams are in charge of Sunday morning hospitality. This includes greeting,
    ushering, providing food and beverages, cleaning-up and creating a visual display for the Sunday service. Team members also have social times to relax and get to know each other better. Each of the five teams provides hospitality for four Sundays, two or three times per year.

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  • **NEW**

    Being Awake: Living Abundantly

    Mark Bernstein“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Henry David Thoreau

    The dream of every congregation, to be strong, vital and healthy, lies not outside itself, but within each loving community. We gain our power not by dwelling on scarcity, but by awakening to the abundance that is present in all congregations. Based on the book, The Abundant Community, by John McKnight and Peter Block, this webinar will focus on the giving of gifts, the presence of association, and the compassion of hospitality, as means to truly creating a beloved community.

    Mark Bernstein is Congregational Life Staff in the Central East Regional Group. He lives in Philadelphia and believes that every congregation has the ability to transform itself in ways that may seem unimaginable.

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  • Course materials for participants of the 2013 Unitarian Universalist Leadership Team Insititute.  Only graduates of this UULTI may have access.

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