Additional presentations from live workshops at District Assembly, Leadership Development, General Assembly and other live workshops.

Finding Our Common Wealth: Stewardship As Transformational Ministry

UU University LogoWe believe that stewardship can be a transformative ministry to people's daily lives and that stewardship education is a ministry to the whole person. Churches that minister to the entirety of people's financial lives experience an authentic generosity among their members. These churches assist people in navigating a materialist culture and are then able to leave behind cajoling and coaxing people into giving.

Deans: Rev. Cecilia Kingman, Interim Minister, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church, WA and Rev. Jeanne Pupke, Minister, First UU Church in Richmond, VA Keynote: Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies

Welcome Economic Diversity AND Fund Your Budget!

Mark EwertWe cannot build multicultural communities that grow beyond oppression and racism, without being welcoming to people who are diverse economically.  Are we ready to build beloved community across economic lines?  How safe is it in our congregations to be “out” as financially advantaged or “out” as resource challenged?  How can we create communications, systems, and processes are welcoming for economically diverse people, yet ensure the financial sustainability and vibrancy of our congregations?  Let’s start with a vision and work together to surface the skills and strategies (and love!) we need to make the vision happen

Presenter: Mark Ewert, All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington DC and UUA Consultant

Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is: New Ideas in Stewardship

This class was created from several Stewardship workshops. We recommend that you read Not Your Parent's Offering Plate,  view the video recording of a panel discussion of UU's who are also fundraisers for other non-profit agencies, then use the Study Guide with your stewardship team. There are also notes about how to make the "ask" from a discussion session from the original event. Additional videos of presentations and their resources are also included.

Rev. Renee RuchotzkeRev. Chris NeilsonBridging the gaps from generation to generation in our Stewardship appeals is a challenge we all face.  From the churched to unchurched generations, the Silent Generation to Millenials, from grand historical master crafted buildings to online churches, and what to do with those "free range UU's," we face differences we've never had to face.  Can we put on our "Future thinking caps" to re-imagine a new path to a vibrant, mission oriented faith?  And how do we fund that?  This workshop will Feature insight to understanding the assumptions and world views of various generations, discover online church and pledging, and hearing the stories of people across the ages as we work together to realize our shared values. Do you dare to boldly go where no one has gone before?

From the OMD Stewardship Day, March 8, 2014.

Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchtozke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant; Rev. Chris Neilson, CERG Stewardship Consultant; Lay Panel Members