Additional presentations from live workshops at District Assembly, Leadership Day, General Assembly and workshop presentations.

Leading Change in Our Congregations

UU University LogoThe 2007 UU University in Portland, OR keynote presenter was Gil Rendle. The topic of the day was congregations and change. This class is created from the video of that day's presentations and resources.

Presenter: Gil Rendle, Alban Institute Consultant.

Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

Develop leadership skills to learn how to face our toughest challenges:
 the ones we don't have ready answers for. The "Adaptive Leadership" framework pioneered by Harvard's Dr. Ronald Heifetz is more than a toolbox of tips. It will change the way you think about the internal and external components of leadership and equip you to lead through any change—welcome or unwelcome.

This presentation is from the leadership track at the 2012 Ohio Meadville District Summer Institute with presenter Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG
Leadership Development Consultant. 

Building Our Own Leaders

Bill ClontzRecruiting and retaining capable board members and committee chairs is a pervasive problem for many congregations. The Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church has a locally designed seminar that helps members prepare for leadership.

This webinar was originally presented as a workshop at the Joseph Priestley District Assembly, April 14, 2012.

Presenter: Bill Clontz and Ron Brandt from the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church.

Passing the Torch: Creating a Leadership Development Team

This course will provide tools to help you develop a three year plan to help guide your congregation:

Renee Ruchotzke

>Understand how congregational leadership differs from leadership in corporations or non-religious non-profits
>Discern good leadership from good management (we need both)
>Imagine paths to leadership in your congregation as part of a larger plan of faith formation
>Encourage a culture that nurtures new leaders that include youth, young adults and people of color
>Develop a community of learning and reflection that appreciates new ideas and is patient with the small failures that come with innovation
>Advance your seasoned leaders into new roles where they nurture new leaders

*This course used to be offered as a "hybrid" webinar with live roundtable discussion sessions.  People who register for this course will receive invitations to future roundtables.


Meeting Resistance: What Causes Conflict in Our Congregations and How to Deal With It

Mark BernsteinSavvy leaders know that conflict in a healthy congregation is to be welcomed and cultivated; that out of conflict comes creativity and new ideas and energy. The key is how the leader meets and responds to the resistance that is causing the conflict. In this session, we'll talk about getting trust vs. getting agreement, creating a culture that minimizes conflict, and specific steps for resolving situations causing conflict.

Presenter: Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

On Being The Non-Anxious Leader

Mark BernsteinThe challenges that Membership Professionals face require that one react both with their head and with their heart.  Emotional Intelligence is where the head and heart intersect and is an important tool in understanding your own emotions and the emotions of others, in being flexible to changing needs and situations, in calmly and thoughtfully responding to difficult members of the congregation, and in keeping an optimistic and positive outlook in all situations.  Studies show that emotional intelligence is twice as important in contributing to excellence in leadership as pure intellect and expertise.   This class will provide an introduction to emotional intelligence and the five skills required to be at your best as a leader in your congregation.  You'll also have a chance to assess your own level of emotional intelligence.

Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Development Consultant

The Emotional Dynamics of Leadership

UU University LogoThe 2006 UU University in St. Louis, MO covered "The Emotional Dynamics of Leadership". This class is developed from the videos and resources of that presentation

Presenters for this workshop included Peter Steinke, Alban Institute; Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley and Harlan Limpert, UUA staff.