Bringing Your Best Self: How to Be a Good Colleague
Patricia InfanteCongregations with multi player staff teams must work intentionally to create strong, collegial partnerships but doing so can introduce tension and anxiety into the congregational system. We’ll talk about covenant, collegiality, creative tension, and conflict – all forces that can be leveraged to build better staff relationships.

Presenter: Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant


Ministerial Transitions for Ministers and Congregations

UUA LogoThe change of ministers in and out of a congregation is a time where lots of things are in motion, with lots of questions being asked, and lots of uncertainty in the air. As a minister, deciding when it’s right to leave and how best to do that; as a congregation, sorting out what are the next steps, and how do we say goodbye and move forward. It’s a time when everything can appear up for grabs, and most congregations and ministers are looking for support and answers. The following 30 videos address specific aspects of a ministerial transition.

These videos were created by: Keith Kron, Transitions Director for the UUA; Kenn Hurto, Regional Lead, Southern Region; Lisa Presley, Transitions Coordinator, MidAmerica Region; and Joan Van Becelaere, Regional Lead, Central East Regional Group.

Religious Educator Spiritual Practice and Self Care 

Patricia InfanteThis webinar will talk about the importance of finding time for renewal and de-stressing and offer tips on how to delegate as well as strategies for making your own spiritual care a priority.

Led by Patricia Infante, CERG Faith Development Consultant with guest presenters.


Retirement: Why? When? How? And more.
Rev. Richard GilbertUURMaPA (UU Retired Ministers and Partners Association) President Dick Gilbert will lead a discussion of how best to retire from active ministry. Why should I consider retirement? When is the right time? What are best practices? Where will I live? Spiritual, intellectual and emotional preparation is at least as important as financial preparation. It is a financial, emotional and spiritual adventure.