Additional presentations from live workshops at District Assembly, Leadership Day, General Assembly and other workshops.

Rethinking the Committee:
"Doing church" in the 21st Century with TeamsRenee Ruchotzke
Committees have earned the reputation of requiring a big time commitment without satisfying results to show for it. Instead, we suggest mission-based task forces or teams that enable your members to serve in ways that offer meaning and purpose.

Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

Committees on Ministry: An OverviewRenee Ruchotzke

What is a Committee on Ministry?  How is it different from a Ministerial Relations Committee?  What is its role in the congregation? This webinar will provide some general descriptions and best practices.

Presenter: Rev. Renee Ruchotzke, CERG Leadership Development Consultant

Compassion First! Finding the Jackals Without and Within

LoraKim JoynerDo you find yourself discouraged by all the complaining in your congregation, including your own criticisms? Do certain individuals and issues keep howling louder and louder for attention, drowning out hope for the healthy congregations and relationships? Come join each other as we see how we can use the First Principle to guide us into developing and embodying a consciousness of compassion. In this introductory session to Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication) we begin with how to connect to our own needs and judgments so that we can embody more greatly compassion for ourselves and others.

Presenter: The Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner serves as the Right Relations Consultant for the Metro New York District, providing training, consultation, and assessment for congregations who wish to embrace healthy communications and proactively deal with conflict.

Restoring Relationships in Congregations

IRev. LoraKim Joynern marriage we have vows and in congregations we have behavioral covenants. Without intention and agreements on how to process disagreements and conflicts, vows and covenants can end up meaningless, or even harmful. In other words, we need to agree on how to fight, for fight we will. In this workshop we explore how to make our behavioral covenants work for us through ongoing training and practice in social and emotional intelligence, and restorative practices. This workshop might especially appeal to Committees on Ministry and Right Relations teams. Bring your real life relationship challenges and we will work on them together.

Facilitated by Rev. LoraKim Joyner, UU District Metro NY Right Relationship Consultant.

** NEW ** 

Compassion and Restoration One Small Group at at Time

Rev. LoraKim Joyner

Do wish you could help your congregation be more effective, powerful, compassionate, and healing, for yourself, other members, or the larger community? Do you wish the same for yourself and for your friends and family, work place, and other organizations? For years people have asked me for resources to use in their congregations to help develop skills and training in Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication). There are many resources for general learning ( for one). There just isn't really anything specific for congregational situations except for one book (Transforming Conflict by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger). People also want guidance on how to develop and lead programs for their congregations, without necessarily bringing in an outside facilitator or trainer. To satisfy this call for more support I am developing discussion and experiential learning guides that will focus on tenets, tools, and practice on compassion and restoration. 

As the NY Metro District Right Relations Consultant, I am also available for supporting you in other ways, through phone calls, email, in-person and on-site training.

Lay Leadership as a Spiritual Practice 

Tools for spiritual deepening for leaders based on the book Serving with Grace by Erik Walker Wikstrom.  

Includes a workshop by Laura Conkle, chair of the Leadership Development Team at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, PA.

Happiness as a Spiritual Practice

Mark BernsteinAre we having fun yet? Surprisingly, many UU congregations aren't. The stress of church work, interpersonal conflict, and lack of resources, to name a few, result in congregational members worrying more and enjoying less. Based on the Shawn Achor book, The Happiness Advantage, this session will offer ideas on how congregations can turn sorrow into success and hardship into happiness.

Presented by Mark Bernstein, CERG Growth Consultant